Mineral water

from the famous resort

sanatorium «Chervona kalyna»

We Drink Only Chervona Kalyna

Stately pines, slender fair birches , mighty oaks, vast maples, incredible diversity of forest herbs  and flowers. Fragrance all around, even the head is swirling. Birds are singing various tunes. There is a wonderful lake nearby.

It is in this environmentally friendly place, where one can find unique mineral water wells which are about 750 m. deep, and where, having absorbed rich coniferous forests and been given the power of land, water is mined, which is deservedly called the symbol of Ukraine «Chervona Kalyna» (Red Cranberry).



Water is probably the most valuable natural deposit. Life is impossible without it. Nowadays pure water is of major importance for human health. But where can one find tasty and useful water? Shall we move to environmentally friendly region?

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