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Mineral water Chervona kalyna Mineral water Chervona kalyna

About Us

Ltd. ”Vodohrai” is the owner of the most powerful mark of mineral water among Rivne regional productions, and the trademark “Chervona Kalyna” is known far beyond the region for its unique medicinal quality.


Everybody knows that a great road starts with a slow step. That is the  distance, the firm “Vodohrai” has gone since 2002 . In 2002, by the efforts of highly-motivated  enthusiasts, with F. Rybachok at the head,  the production of mineral water “Chervona kalyna”  was started, which is mined and bottled  directly out of the well 750 m. deep. Brought to salinity of 2, 4-4,0 mg/dm3 “Chervona kalyna”  mineral water is produced as medium mineral water and is recommended to gastric patients, as well as to all the people , who live on the radioactively contaminated territory, as the means of withdrawing radionuclids and improving the adaptive abilities of the body.
Nowadays the production employs three productive capacities, where apart from “Chervona kalyna” medium mineral water, low mineral water for daily use is bottled, and also “Kryshtal” potable water and demineralized water “Hirska Cryshtaleva” for coffee makers are produced.
The production of “Kryshtal” mineral water began in 2005. This water is very soft and doesn’t demand additional demineralization, thus, it is ideal for cooking meals, making tea or coffee. It doesn’t undergo multiple purifying and comes directly from the well in ideal state. It shouldn’t be filtered, it is purified only from rough substances and undergoes additional processing by  means of antibacterial irradiation, which provides sterility.
In 2008 a new unique deposit of mineral water “Vodohraine” 146m deep was discovered on the territory of the enterprise. The deposit was entirely  investigated by scientists and the production of low mineral water “Chervona Kalyna Lahidna” was started. The water got its name due to its chemical components and  low mineralization. According to the conclusions of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of Ministry of Health of Ukraine “Chervona Kalyna Lahidna” helps withdraw body toxins, stimulates diuretic function of the kidneys and  cholagogue function of the liver and activates the components of red blood.
In 2014 “Vodohrai” enterprise presented a new brend – “Hirska Kryshtaleva” potable water processed under the trademark “Kraplynka”. The specialists of “Vodohrai” enterprise have reduced its mineralization to minimum level, which makes it ideal for  using in coffee makers.


So, this is the way, which a small enterprise has gone to become a powerful plant of mineral water “Vodohrai”.

Honors and awards

The Scientific Expert Council of the national image program “Leaders of the XXIst Century” presented the enterprise with the award of national quality “The Highest Standard” of Ukraine for the exclusive quality and ecological purity of the mineral water and soft drinks under the trademark “Chervona Kalyna” having given the right to mark its products with the correspondent symbols. The information about “Vodohrai” can be found in the annual issue “Register of the Best Ukrainian Products”.
In 2009   “Kryshtal” potable water became the winner of the regional stage of All-Ukrainian contest of quality “100 Best Products” in the nomination “Best Potable Water”.

Besides, the products of “Chervona kalyna”  were presented at the state and international exhibition-trade-fairs, which resulted in diplomas for participation in XVII International Exhibition-trade-fair “AGRO-2006, in XX International exhibition-trade-fair “AGRO-2008”, and the diploma for the participation in XIX International exhibition-trade-fair “AGRO-2007”, for the participation in State action “Barvysta Ukraine” in 2005 and 2006.

Potable water “Kryshtal” is a winner of the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian  contest of product quality “100 Best Products of Ukraine - 2009” in the nomination “The Best Potable Water”.

The process of potable water production.