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Vital water for expectant mother


Vital water for expectant mother

Pregnancy - a wonderful period in a woman's life, but this period and the most crucial.

From its onset metabolic processes in the body are intensified: increased need for nutrients, oxygen, increases blood volume, heart and kidneys pregnant are at increased load. All this - the result of a pregnant adaptation to the needs of her child. And that these processes were easy and natural mother must pay attention to drinking regime.

We know that the need for water during pregnancy increases twice as compared to the normal state. During this period, expectant mother should drink as much water as it requires the body.

It is desirable that the water that a pregnant woman drinks, was high-quality, safe and physiologically valuable.

Scientists say that if all mothers drank only water clean and healthy during pregnancy and lactation, the number of children with different diseases have declined several times. That is why every expectant mother should seriously to the choice of water for daily consumption. As a woman to choose the water, which will not hurt the baby? You need to get an idea of the main sources of drinking water. Today we will try together with you to answer this question and to understand what kind of water to drink pregnant.

What to drink pregnant?

Once a woman thinks that it is better to drink in my head there for different water sources, which are generally accepted to drink: boiled water tap water, water from wells and pump rooms, filtered water, artesian water. Let's see what kind of water is safer and healthier for the mother.


Boiled water


It is believed that boiled water is absolutely safe, since the high temperatures kill all harmful bacteria and infections that may be contained in the water. Indeed, much of the harmful bacteria disappears when t100 ° C, but certain types of bacteria are not exposed to a standard boiling. In addition, during the boiling water evaporates, which leads to the fact that it increases the concentration of salt (you can easily see it on the walls of the kettle as scale). Salts accumulate in the body and can cause failures in his work. Because doctors do not recommend pregnant women to drink boiled water.


Water from the tap


Tap water, of course, before you get to our house is filtered, cleaned and disinfected, but the quality of the pipes, which it falls to our apartments, is poor. Therefore, water is disinfected using chlorine. Many scientists from different countries in the research found that the systematic use of chlorinated water can lead to the disorder of the body to diseases of various organs and systems. If a pregnant woman is drinking only tap water, it can cause a baby is born with heart defects and brain disorders.


Water from a well


It would seem that could be better natural water from the well, because it is our mothers and grandmothers preferred decades. Of course, if our environment was in perfect condition, so the water was safe way to restoring water-salt balance of the pregnant woman. But the situation is that now more often when growing crops using nitrate, these fall into the ground and groundwater. They are very dangerous for the human body. So, of course, expectant mothers should not take risks.



Filtered water


Perhaps you have heard that tap water can be made safe if it filtered? Yes, it's almost true. For the most part, the filter cleans chlorine only, and all harmful substances in the water remain. Moreover, settle on the filter and mineral elements - magnesium, calcium and others. The filter should be changed with great frequency, leaving more expensive.


Natural Artesian Water.


It is safe to say that this is the best choice for the mother. This water created by nature, and our task as a producer of such water - to preserve and convey useful properties to the consumer. It has full balanced composition of minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium) required to man. Such water should constitute 2/3 of all fluids taken by a pregnant woman during the day (2 liters normalized considered in I-II trimesters, 1, 5 liters in the III trimester).

The level of water salinity for pregnant should not exceed 1000 mg / dm3.

Such water should drink before the meal: it improves appetite, stimulates digestive juices and excavation work of the colon, reduces the amount of salt used by minerals dissolved in it.

TM Red viburnum, taking care of your Health ", offers drinking water" Crystal ", which meets all bound by these criteria.

We try to preserve the natural properties and natural composition of the final product. Our research and observations prove how such water is essential for human health. Not to mention pregnant women. It not only quenches thirst but also fills the body with natural minerals in balanced proportions. Magnesium ions, for example, exhibit a calming effect on the nervous system of women, normalize the digestive tract, regulate bowel peristalsis, reduce stress and increased tone of the uterus. A silicon as sorbent, reduces signs of toxicity. Such water can be called not only useful, but - "live."

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