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Mineral water Chervona kalyna Mineral water Chervona kalyna

“Kryshtal” Potable Water

Water for cooking meals, making coffee and tea




Extremely soft

Does not demand additional purifying

Mined from the well in ideal state

Does not leave scale on crockery and coolers

Ideal for cooking meals and making drinks

Gives unique taste to drinks

Provides exceptional quality of the drinks, based on it

Kryshtal” potable water is recommended by the L.I.Medved’s Research Center of Preventive Toxicology, Food and Chemical Safety, Ministry of Health, Ukraine.
 It is unique because it is very soft and does not need further softening. Thus, it is ideal for cooking meals, making tea or coffee.

The water does not leave scale on crockery. For mistresses who are fond of home preserving, Kryshtal water is absolutely indispensable. Besides, it does not demand additional multiple purifying as it is mined directly from the well in ideal state. It shouldn’t be filtered.  It is purified only from rough substances and undergoes additional processing by  means of antibacterial irradiation, which provides sterility.

Solid residual is of 0,6 g/dm3


Water hardness 0,5-1,0 mmol / dm3
Alkalinity 5,3 mmol / dm3
Potassium  (К+) 6,53 mg / dm3
Calcium (CA2+) 5,6 mg / dm3
Magnesium (Mg2+) 5,2 mg / dm3
Water index 8,0

Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of Ministry of Health of Ukraine